Brain Awareness Week Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a partner?
It’s easy! Simply visit the registration page and complete the left-hand registration box, followed by the partner registration form. You will be alerted when your registration is approved.

Is there any cost to partnership?
Partnership in the campaign is free.

Does Dana provide funding to partners for their events?
The Dana Foundation and the Dana Alliances do not provide direct financial support for events. However, we do provide a range of free publications and resources for BAW partners who are planning events.

The Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) administers a BAW grants program for European partners.  This program is funded by a grant from the Dana Foundation.  Contact FENS at for more information.

My events will not take place during March 11-17—is that okay?
Absolutely! We encourage our partners to plan brain-related events throughout the year.

To which partner category does my organization belong?
Issue- and disease-focused groups (such as chapters of the Alzheimer’s Association or Pilot International, or advocacy groups like the Brain Injury Association of America) are considered Outreach organizations. Other organizations in this category may include grassroots advocacy organizations, senior and community centers, libraries that are not government organizations and any non-profit organization focused on public education.

Colleges and college departments should select the Hospital/University category.

Medical- and research-based groups that are not part of a University or hospital system should choose Medical/Research.

Most other organization types, including brain training facilities and corporations, would fall under the Affiliate category.

If you are still unsure or have further questions please feel free to contact us at

As an individual, how can I get involved?
While partnership is limited to organizations and individuals working in partnership with an organization, we encourage individuals to participate in the campaign. Search the Partner List and BAW Calendar of Events for partners and events in your area and volunteer to help out. Consider creating your own “organization”—for example, develop a BAW “Book Club” to read and discuss neuroscience related books during March.

Help--my organization does not appear on the active partner list.
Organizations are added to the partner list manually after they are approved. This usually happens within two weeks of approval. If you still do not see yourself listed after two weeks please contact us at

How can I find events in my area?
Search the official BAW Calendar of Events by country, US state, or city.

How do I plan an event? How do I promote my events?
We’re glad you asked. We’ve developed the Tips & Resources section to help you plan and promote events.

How do I…
…update my profile?
Log in to the site and visit Update Your Profile to update your information.
…post an event?
When logged in, visit the Post Your Event(s) page. 
…order materials?
Note: USA partners only. You must first submit at least one event before you may place an order for materials. When logged in, visit Order Materials to place your order. Important note: only one order per partner is permitted.
…submit a report?
When logged in, visit the Submit Your Report page.

I am having trouble logging in, help!
If you have forgotten your password, please use the “Forgot Password” feature to automatically generate a new one. You will receive a new password by email (if you don’t see it immediately please check your “junk” mail filter) and will be able to log in and reset the password to your preferred password, if you'd like. 

If you are unsure of the email address you registered under or have any other log-in issues, please contact us at or +1-212-401-1689 and we will help.

Should I submit one report for each of my activities?
Only one report per partner per year is permitted. Please feel free to report on all of your BAW activities within that report.

How can I tell if my order for materials went through?
If you received an email confirmation of your order and are now “locked out” of the order form, your order has gone through. 

I need to speak with someone about the campaign, who can I call? I am having trouble with the registration/event/report form, who can I call?
BAW staff is available year-round via email ( or phone (+1-212-401-1689) to answer any questions you may have.

I would like to suggest an event idea/resource, how do I do that?
Thank you! We welcome all input from our partners, especially new ideas for the Tips & Resources section of the site. Please feel free to email ( or call (+1-212-401-1689).

I don’t see our photos posted to the gallery.
Photos included in the partner reports are added manually to the Gallery; this usually happens within several weeks of report submission. Unfortunately, to allow space for everyone to be represented, we are not able to post every photo from every report, but we try to make sure every partner is represented.

I would like to request more materials to use throughout the year, how do I do that?
Depending on our post-BAW supply, we can sometimes accommodate requests at other times during the year. Please write to

Can I use images from the BAW photo gallery in my promotional materials?
No. BAW partners with photos posted in the gallery have only given the Dana Alliances and Dana Foundation permission to use their photos, and only for Brain Awareness Week-related communications. If you would like permission to use an organization’s image(s), please contact them directly.

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