• Heather Berlin and standup comedian Chuck Nice

    Dana Podcast:
    Your Brain on Improv

    Cognitive neuroscientist Heather Berlin and standup comedian Chuck Nice team to explain the mechanisms in the brain that allow you to think and act spontaneously in your everyday life—or in the spotlight. 

  • Michael Miller, M.D.

    Cerebrum Podcast:
    Emotional Rescue: The Heart-Brain Connection

    University of Maryland cardiologist and Cerebrum author Michael Miller, M.D., talks about the reasons the heart is often overlooked in brain research and the tie between the amygdala, hippocampus, and the heart in reducing stress and helping people live longer, healthy lives.   

  • Todd Feinberg and Jon Mallatt’s Consciousness Demystified

    Cerebrum Book Review

    Richard Brown reviews Consciousness Demystified, a book that attempts to sort through some of the mysteries surrounding consciousness.

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Top Stories

Dementia and Gum Disease

by Moheb Costandi


Dismissed by scientists for decades, the idea that infection might contribute to the development of Alzheimer’s disease gains traction.




The Frontlines of the Opioids Crisis

by Philip M. Boffey

Phil_Boffey_tThe nation’s opioids epidemic is not just a medical crisis, it is an ethical problem as well, reports an expert committee appointed by the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine. Neuroethics column for Brain in the News.

Out of Left Field: New Insights into Where Language Understanding Resides in the Brain

by Kayt Sukel

language-networks-80Language is processed in networks across the brain, not just the left hemisphere. New research suggests one aspect the left focuses on is how sounds change over time, while the right tracks pitch and frequency of speech.


Stimulating Rehabilitation After Stroke

by Kayt Sukel

It’s hard for doctors to predict who will recover fully after a stroke and who may not. Dana Foundation grantee Roy Hamilton is investigating using transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to take measurements of the injured brain’s plasticity to see if this can predict how well it is healing. One of our series of Q&As with neuroscientists.

How our Brains Respond to Texture

by Sophie Fessl


Running your hand across fabric swatches, you can easily tell silk from satin, cotton from linen. New research shows that rich neural activity is responsible for the myriad textures we sense every day.



Mind Over Matter:
Cognitive Neuroengineering

June 5, 2019

by Karen Moxon, Ph.D., Ignacio Saez, Ph.D.,
and Jochen Ditterich, Ph.D.

Mind Over Matter: Cognitive Neuroengineering (spotlight)

Brain-machine interface—once the stuff of science fiction novels—is coming to a computer near you.

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BrainWorks - In this episode, join bioengineering professor Eric Chudler and a group of curious kids investigating brain-computer interfaces. This episode was just nominated for a NW Emmy Award.